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IRMM reference materials

IRMM offers over 600 BCR®, IRMM and ERM® certified reference materials for applications in the fields of food and feed analysis, environmental analysis, engineering and health.

IRMM is the first reference material producer in Europe, which has been accredited according to ISO Guide 34, and among the few laboratories worldwide, which have been awarded ISO 17025 for GMO quantification.

On this site you can browse our catalogue by product group or search for a specific material. You can also download our catalogues.

The reference materials can be purchased directly from IRMM or from one of the authorised distributors.   

Latest releases

code material certified property release date
ERM-CD200 Bladderwrack (Fucus Vesiculosus) Element content 13/03/2014
IRMM-313 Genomic DNA insert of Campylobacter Coli and Campylobacter Jejuni DNA 25/02/2014
ERM-BF435 PH05-026-0048 Potato GMO mass fraction 23/01/2014
ERM-BF434 73496 Rapeseed GMO mass fraction 29/11/2013
ERM-EF411 Hard coal Thermal properties and elements 29/11/2013
ERM-EF412 Brown coal Thermal properties and elements 29/11/2013
ERM-EF413 Furnace coke Thermal properties and elements 29/11/2013
IRMM-AD482 Calibration Kit Ruminant DNA Biological materials 31/10/2013
ERM-BD150 Skimmed milk powder Element content 14/10/2013
ERM-BD151 Skimmed milk powder Element content 14/10/2013
IRMM-471 Cementite Grains in Carburised Pure Iron Element content 04/09/2013
ERM-CA713 Waste water Element content 25/07/2013
ERM-DB001 Human Hair Element content 25/07/2013
ERM-BF436 DAS-44406-6 Soya GMO mass fraction 21/06/2013
ERM-BC211 Rice Trace elements 28/01/2013
ERM-CE278k Mussel tissue Trace elements 19/12/2012
ERM-BB184 Bovine muscle Trace elements 12/11/2012
ERM-BB186 Pig kidney Trace elements 12/11/2012
ERM-BB422 Fish muscle Trace elements 12/11/2012
ERM-AD623 BCR-ABL pDNA Calibrant DNA 26/09/2012
ERM-BF433 DAS-40278-9 Maize GMO mass fraction 26/09/2012
ERM-BF431 Potato AV43-6-G7 GMO mass fraction 26/09/2012
ERM-FC395k Gas Oil Thermal properties 21/08/2012
ERM-FD304 Colloidal Silica Industry-sourced nanoparticles 29/02/2012
ERM-BF432 DAS-68416-4 Soya GMO mass fraction 14/02/2012
ERM-BD600 Milk Powder Vitamins 15/12/2011
ERM-BB386 Bovine Urine Veterinary drugs 06/12/2011
ERM-BB389 Bovine Urine Veterinary drugs 06/12/2011
ERM-DA474/IFCC Human serum CRP 04/11/2011
ERM-BF430 Dried Potato Powder GMO mass fraction 18/08/2011
ERM-BB430 Pork Fat Organic pollutants 27/06/2011
ERM-AD427 98140 pDNA Calibrant DNA 17/03/2011
ERM-AD425 356043 pDNA Calibrant DNA 17/03/2011
ERM-AD415 NK603 pDNA Calibrant DNA 17/03/2011
BB492-493 Milk Powder Veterinary drugs 02/03/2011
ERM-FD100 Colloidal Silica Industry-sourced nanoparticles 18/02/2011
ERM-AC213 PAHs in toluene PAH 07/01/2011
ERM-CZ120 PM10-like dust elements elements 09/12/2010
ERM-CZ100 PM10-like dust PAH 09/12/2010
ERM-CC141 Loam soil Trace elements 14/10/2010
ERM-BE375 Compound Feedingstuff Aflatoxins (very low level) 14/10/2010
ERM-CA615 Groundwater Trace elements 14/10/2010
ERM-BB350 Fish oil Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) 07/07/2010
ERM-CA408 Simulated rainwater Major elements 07/07/2010
ERM-CA616 Groundwater Major elements 07/07/2010
ERM-BF429 T30-40 cotton GMO mass fraction 30/06/2010
ERM-DA471/IFCC Human serum Cystatin C 01/06/2010
ERM-CD281 Rye Grass (Lolium) trace elements 01/06/2010
ERM-BB130 Pork Muscle Chloramphenicol(CAP) 01/06/2010
ERM-BC384 Pork Muscle Proximates 12/03/2010
ERM-BC382 Wheat flour Proximates 12/03/2010
ERM-BC381 Rye flour Proximates 12/03/2010
ERM-BF428 GHB119 cotton GMO mass fraction 01/12/2009
ERM-BF427 98140 Maize GMO mass fraction 01/12/2009
ERM-BF413k MON 810 maize GMO mass fraction 01/12/2009
IRMM-355 Bioball Enterococcus faecalis cfu/sphere 26/06/2009
ERM-BE376 Compound feedingstuff aflatoxin B1, B2, G1 05/05/2009
ERM-AD457/IFCC Aspartate Transaminase enzymatic activity 26/03/2009
ERM-DA472/IFCC Human serum CRP 17/02/2009
IRMM-354 Bioball Candida albicans cfu/sphere 02/02/2009
ERM-EC591 polypropylene BFRs 02/02/2009
ERM-EC590 polyethylene BFRs 02/02/2009
Latest update 13 March, 2014

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